My approach

The consultations paint a portrait of your life with the different aspects that inhabit it: work, family, money, romantic relationships, health. They invite us to ask ourselves the real questions, those that lead to a better understanding of the issues at stake. Thus, a change in perception takes place, initiating new reflections leading to a whole range of evolutionary choices.

As a first step, I ask you to draw (eyes closed), in a tray of crystals / semi-precious stones and to deposit some on a small carpet (eyes always closed).

As soon as done, with my eyes open, I present you the Tarot Voyageur, you mix the cards by putting your energy into them (without thinking of anything particular). I then take in the palm of my hand, one of the chosen stones and I let intuition guide me in the important revelations that concern you.

The striking beauty of crystals and semi-precious stones, their sparkling colors, their therapeutic, spiritual properties are energy amplifiers and allow me to access the visible and invisible worlds of the Universe. I then feel their particular vibration, my intuition is channeled and my word is released.

In order to confirm my claims, you then remove 3-4 cards from the Tarot or 5, as the case may be that you put in front of me without returning them, and there follows an exhaustive answer.

If there are still questions, I will answer them in order to shed light on them. Whether by a “yes” or a “no”, any alternative will be studied. I also use the pendulum as an auxiliary support.

During this hour, I listen to what my guides have to communicate to you, and I get up to speed to listen to yours.

Treat yourself to this gift, a special moment with yourself in order to create in your life a climate conducive to your development.