Osmose Coaching clients want to show their satisfaction after the sessions with Claudette.

More than a decade ago, I was looking for a far-sighted medium who could get in touch with my guides. On a serious site, I found Claudette Messier. From our first meeting, I was not disappointed. She was able to surprise me by assessing my past and present situation, and my ties with my family, without me telling her anything. She is welcoming, available, and without pressure, she predicts accurately. She doesn’t go into a trance to play a role. She is competent, experienced and authentic. It reveals aspects of my current and previous life, as well as my future potentials at various levels: family, relational, professional, health, etc.  Even in an emergency, when I need advice, she takes the time to answer me. Claudette is a person who matters to me. After consulting her more than a dozen times, I recommend her without hesitation and it will continue for a long time.

Martin G.

I called on Claudette Messier, following a break-up of a couple, which could have made me lose my right of custody of my little girl. Her advice allowed me to get through this difficult time and find a joy in life. I owe her a great gratitude because today, I spend very beautiful moments with my daughter. This has great value!

Sebastien D.

Become self-aware, connect to the depths of ourselves, understand what is going on in us, let go of our thoughts and let ourselves be guided by benevolent and enlightening forces, and above all… smile at life! Claudette, that is it all.

Suzann M.

Seeing me today, no one could think that a year ago I was physically and morally ill. I owe my resurrection, fast, and complete, to Claudette, my Life Coach. I had the incredible chance to cross her path, and SHE brought me back on mine! Thanks to her great experience, her active listening and her varied techniques, she was able to guide me towards healing and self-fulfillment. I was able to regain my own self-esteem and I grew a lot. She always respected my personality, my rhythm, and knew how to use it to encourage me and motivate me. She worked within my limits and allowed me to transgress them. Thanks to the great complicity that she has been able to develop between us, I have always felt confident and I have been able to work with her on very old problems. Her human warmth enveloped me, and the results of our sessions far exceeded my expectations. Thanks to Claudette, I found myself, and I even fulfilled repressed dreams. If you want to BE RENOVATED, let Claudette guide you.

Nina E.